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The Unofficial Interspire Shopping Cart Ultimate Version 7 Upgrade

Interspire Shopping Cart is a great platform and when the self-hosted edition stopped selling we have been working year round every year to keep the cart more than just what it was, yet make it all it can be. We have upgraded all the JS and jQuery libraries, modified all the front-end code that has been deprecated over the years, added 1000s of modifications and a slue of add-ons any e-commerce store can benefit from. The last version of ISC 6.1.9 was released in 2013 and for 3 years we have seen various 3rd party system break, payment processors need re-coding, 3rd party integration with Google Shopping, YouTube, etc… all break down with no fixes in sight without custom development. Well, we are happy to introduce what we are calling the Unofficial ISC Version 7 Upgrade for Interspire Shopping Cart 5+ that has so many goodies and modifications that will help any e-commerce site thrive.

We have re-tooled the reporting, added many tools to help you integrate with 3rd party services such as Amazon, built extremely function rich add-ons such as Loyalty Rewards Systems, Voucher Management Systems, updated the site to Google’s current standards for e-commerce sites in compliance with

An Updated Interspire Shopping Cart

The list is massive and so are the features. We have focused on a build that will work for nearly everyone, allowing them to easily modify our new 100% responsive layout with ease making the site their own as easy as possible. We are utilizing the industries standards for code optimization, page load times, we have added Twitter Bootstrap, new URL structures are in place allowing for custom SEO-friendly URLs for pages, categories, products, brands, and so much more. What is better is that all of the custom links will initially populate themselves. All your data will be migrated over so your orders, customers, products, etc… will all remain in tact!

So if you are running on an Interspire Shopping Cart that is out of date, or is simply having issues we have the easiest and most valuable update we have ever made available to the public without being a completely custom tailored job for a specific client. We are in the process of setting up a list of all the features, add-ons, mods, and fixes. I will update this post with a public link for all to be able to test out soon. Until then, if you are interested in a sneak peak at the new ISC Unofficial Version 7 release demo, please feel free to contact us and we can arrange for a private viewing and walkthrough.

What is great about this release is we have determined a fixed price for the update which is simple enough to apply in a day for most sites without downtime, while retaining ALL of your data. In the past we have sold individual add-ons, which we still do, but now we are taking some of the best and putting them in one amazing package ready for use right away.

Anyone who purchases our update package will get 1 year of support and free updates as well as a membership to out development community where every single member using our upgrades will have a say in what gets developed next, can report any bugs that will receive the upmost priority, can request features to be added and can rest assured that their e-commerce platform is alive and active and your options and needs matter to us.

This is a big step for us and we can’t wait to get our initial test group online and a public demo online so you can not just see the features but actually go through and interact with them. Until then, get in touch for a one on one walkthrough. We look forward to inspiring your digital commerce.

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