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Invelo Creates Experiences To Help Your Store Grow Tip 1

Invelo often asks, “Who is your audience?”

Invelo wants to understand your store visitors

We want to understand the type of traffic you are receiving and, as a store owner, you should too. Where are they coming from? What do they expect to see when they land on your site? Answers to these questions will help you figure out how to go about creating your landing pages and what content to place on the page. Obviously, and of course, one of the best tools to help you find out this information — and the de facto standard — is Google Analytics. You will be able to track eCommerce sales conversions and much, much more.

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The Unofficial Interspire Shopping Cart Ultimate Version 7 Upgrade

Interspire Shopping Cart is a great platform and when the self-hosted edition stopped selling we have been working year round every year to keep the cart more than just what it was, yet make it all it can be. We have upgraded all the JS and jQuery libraries, modified all the front-end code that has been deprecated over the years, added 1000s of modifications and a slue of add-ons any e-commerce store can benefit from. The last version of ISC 6.1.9 was released in 2013 and for 3 years we have seen various 3rd party system break, payment processors need re-coding, 3rd party integration with Google Shopping, YouTube, etc… all break down with no fixes in sight without custom development. Well, we are happy to introduce what we are calling the Unofficial ISC Version 7 Upgrade for Interspire Shopping Cart 5+ that has so many goodies and modifications that will help any e-commerce site thrive.

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